Navigos Search Webinar 04/2022

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According to Keith Davis, “Leadership is the ability to persuade others to seek defined objectives enthusiastically. It is the human factor which binds a group together and motivates them towards goals”. The influence of leadership is always a topic that makes many employers feel interested in, especially in the process of digital changes and post-Covid-19. It can be said that a strong and talented leader can help one business be well-operated and conquer many achievements in this hectic market because they are able to foresee and overcome the challenges in the industry. 


Therefore, leaders must develop their leadership skills to effectively lead the team and help enterprises embrace all new trends. Moreover, a good leader will gradually become the ideal model that inspires employees to follow and motivates the team to achieve more success for the business. 

Understanding the importance of leadership, Navigos Search will launch an exclusive webinar in April 2022 with the topic "Leaders Create Leaders" led by the Founder - CEO of Leaders Create Leaders - Warren Eng, and it is only for customers of Navigos Group, which includes 2 recruitment brands VietnamWorks and Navigos Search Through the training session, Navigos Search hopes that customers can find their ways in becoming inspiring leaders.


Section 1: Why coach?

  • We know what to do, but don’t do what we know.
  • What is holding us back?
  • Coaching around Perspectives.
  • The 5 stages of Growing people.
  • When Coaching works, and when it doesn’t.
  • Where are you now? How would you like to grow?

Section 2: The LCL Coaching Framework

  • Overview of Point-Of-View (POV) 
  • Coaching Framework.
  • Hindsight: What Just Happened?
  • Insight: What Really Matters?
  • Foresight: What is next?
  • Participants coaching activity

Section 3: Coaching Practice 

  • Warren will coach “live” one of Navigos’s clients.
  • What you love about the session.
  • What you learn from the session


According to the “Leaders create Leaders” Webinar, Navigos Search believes that our customers know how to influence and inspire surrounding people with the right leadership style. Also, when implementing leadership skills in daily conversations, customers can make an impact on others and help human resources maximize their potential.


Warren Eng - Founder & CEO of Leaders Create Leaders

Warren Eng is a professional trainer with practical experience. Mr. Warren has been conducting training programs for various international organizations in Vietnam and other Asian countries. His passion is working with corporate clients to help them discover and clarify their needs, challenges, and goals. He is constantly finding different methods of bringing teams together and creating an inspiring future through professional coaching.

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