Manager of regional sorting centers

Job Locations: Da Nang

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Job Description

Supervise all activities in the assigned facility, which included overseeing team performance, expediting the inbound, sorting and outbound process, and ensure efficiency.
1. Daily control performance of operation in Sorting Center(s) in charge (i.e: on-time rate, lost rate, backlogs, etc.) via building and optimizing layouts, processes
2. Formulate and implement strategy for the Sorting Center(s) in charge (including flow of goods, define order routes, human resource and space planning, automation machine installation, etc.)
3. Recruit and manage a team of 1000 people to solve day-to-day operational issues and reach short-term and long-term performance goal.
4. Maintain a safe and healthy work environment by establishing, following, and enforcing standards and procedures and complying with legal regulations

Job Requirements

- Excellent problem-solving skills and leadership qualities
- Detailed and process oriented, excellent analytical skills
- Excellent communication skills. Can communicate effectively with people from various backgrounds. Can work with all levels of company staff.
- Equivalent experience of a warehouse manager from 3 years and above. Same industry experience is a plus. Having experience with warehouse automation is a plus.
- Comfortable delivering and receiving frequent direct written and oral feedback

Job Locations

  • Da Nang


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