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Job Description

JOB LOCATION: Nghe An, Vietnam

Ensure understanding of Service Desk/System Administration policies and guidelines, to provide guidelines to junior members.
Support periodic revision of policies, standards, guidelines, work processes and procedures that are relevant to Service Desk/System Administration policies and guidelines, work, to ensure efficient operation and alignment with company’s policies & compliance with relevant governance.
Perform administrative operation support regarding office services and materials of IT assets, including roll-out of desktop PC hardware and software, set up and provide access to printers, scanners, phones, and other peripherals, and set up an email account, in order to ensure that the necessary office services and materials are efficient, robust and sufficient for daily utilization.
Supervise junior members in acting as a contact point for internal customers regarding complaints about products and service quality and organize the issuance of trouble tickets to deliver the ticket to relevant functions accurately and in a timely manner.
Perform activities in configuration and set-up of all new server systems required internally for the organization’s activities, in order to ensure that a new server will be installed and operated efficiently.
Perform activities in executing robust first-call resolution under specific guidelines and manuals, to ensure that high-quality service is provided to internal customers.
Supervise junior members in coordination with and responding to internal business users’ requests as well as provide all technical support in order to ensure early identification of product/service faults and minimize disruption in work processes, as well as ensure technical requirements are correctly adhered to.
Perform IT-administrative work such as maintaining end-user accounts, permissions and access rights, and firewall administration in order to ensure that information, data, and system are being routinely protected and secured.
Perform other relevant tasks regarding IT help desk operations, including reviewing relevant documents and reports to support decision-making and facilitate business operations.
Guide, if needed, junior members in performing their tasks to ensure consistent understanding and ability to perform tasks.
Contribute, if needed, to the implementation of small to medium strategic project, in order to support more senior members in the documentation or reporting of performance.
Engage in regular meetings/ updates with team members, collect feedback, encourage and promote team spirit.
Identify/ respond appropriately to low-complex issues, in order to ensure that each issue is efficiently dealt with or escalated to a superior level properly.
Respond to instructions to undertake specific tasks to assist senior members in the completion of projects or assignments.
Be accountable for other certain works as assigned from immediate superior level.

Job Requirements

3-5 years of experience in IT Support.
Knowledge of IT hardware and IT software services
Good command of English
Good communication and presentation skills, and able to work under pressure

Job Locations

  • Nghe An


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