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Job Description

Responsible for all electrical system and device maintenance, supporting safe, environmentally friendly, and efficient maintenance procedures within the electrical department, particularly for generator and low voltage (LV) maintenance. assist where needed in different plant locations.

•Promote and impose safe, environmentally friendly, and decent maintenance methods among the section's contractors under your supervision.
• Make that electrical maintenance is consistently improved across all plant systems, ensuring ongoing enhancements to plant dependability and availability.
•Support team building and training. Create the necessary processes to guarantee that the defined maintenance strategy is understood and followed. On important initiatives, exercise leadership and job coordination.
•Assist in the planning and budgeting of high-level maintenance, taking joint responsibility for the approved plan and budget.
•Conduct other comparable and related tasks as needed.

Job Requirements

•A Bachelor of Engineering in electrical or electronic engineering is necessary.
•At least 10 years of experience in electrical maintenance supervision and management, or in a position that is functionally equivalent in an industrial setting, three of which must be in management.
•Ready to work extra hours or weekends if necessary.
•The capacity to design and analyze issues pertaining to the coal power plant's generator and electrical facilities.
•The ability to understand electrical drawings, P&ID drawings, and the findings of electromechanical troubleshooting.
•Familiar with P&ID drawings, visual inspection, and routine maintenance for local electrical facilities like GIS, power transformers, circuit breakers (GCB, VCB, ACB), motor control centers (MCC), isolated phase buses, MV/LV switchgear, MOV, electrical actuators, exciter controllers, generators, UPS, and AVR, among others.
•Prefer a certificate of completion in coal management, thermal dynamic theory, computer science, and rotating machinery vibration.
•Preferred completion certificate for environmental facilities like FGD, SCR, and EP (Electrical Precipitation).
•Preferred a completion certificate for the training course on routine or preventive maintenance in coal boiler power plants.
•Preferred completion certificate for training programs on electrical equipment such generators, exciters, motors, protection relays, circuit breakers, transformers, UPS systems, and MOVs.
•Have proficient written and spoken business English communication abilities, as well as computer literacy. able to converse and/or discuss any subject in a professional setting.

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