CSR Manager (Dong Nai)

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Job Description

Developing and executing CSR programs, as well as conducting periodic program reviews to assess outcomes and effectiveness
Acting as the focal point for the Company's CSR initiatives in geography and building relationships with community partners and key stakeholders
Staying abreast of relevant research and trends in the areas of focus and promoting best practices
Promoting employee volunteering initiatives in coordination with internal stakeholders
Working with marketing and PR teams to drive internal engagement and promote storytelling
Driving budget & monitoring spending to deliver results in line with planned objectives
Fostering connections between the company and other organizations
Ensuring that a company’s policies fulfil legal and commercial requirements
Reporting on social responsibility activities to top management
Assisting the company in the development, management, and modification of CSR policies
Increasing public awareness of a company’s social responsibility commitments through marketing
Reiterating the company’s social responsibility policies through internal communication.
Reaching out to the public through public relations and marketing to convey the company’s commitment to social responsibility.
Conduct internal audits.
Face to / communicate with / work with customer or third party CSR team for audit, report and follow up CAP.
Lead teams to implement and improve factory CSR topic.
Management: EHS, ESG, Product Security

Job Requirements

3-5 years of experience in environmental safety and human rights auditing.
Familiarity with supplier audit processes and requirements.
Knowledge of relevant legal regulations in the Southeast Asian region (labor laws, fire safety, environmental regulations, etc.).
Proficiency in spoken and written English

Job Locations

  • Dong Nai


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