Process Engineer (Working in Bac Giang)

Job Locations: Bac Giang

From 20,000,000 USD To 40,000,000 USD

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What We Can Offer

  • Working from Monday - Friday
  • Transportation

Job Description

- Manage technical items at one production process
- Take out production conditions accord with new technology and materials also as in improvement process
- Establish standards of production management and manipulation standard for manufacturing operations.
- Establish Control Plan and PFMEA for manufacturing operations. And preparing documentation for the evaluation process of QA, QC in process
- Perform evaluation experiments such as evaluation of new materials, new chemicals or new equipment according to the plan laid out to improving the quality of products and improvements production
- Find out the cause and solve the problems about defect appear in the production process.
- Support production in other item

Job Requirements

- University degree, major related to Chemistry, Chemical Engineering....
- Working experience: minimum 3 years of working at related position
- Can communicate in English
- Experience in PCB manufacturer is A MUST

Job Locations

  • Bac Giang


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